Strawberry shape body -clothes that show your figure

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Strawberry shape  


Strawberry-shaped is ladies that are bigger up top than on their bottom half because of broad shoulders and/or big boobs in relation to their waist and hips. Broad shoulders and slender hips can give Strawberries an athletic, even boyish look but it’s easy to soften with the right wardrobe.

To flatter your shape

  • Fuller skirts

  • Wide Trousers

  • Bright colours on bottom half

Things to avoid

  • Shoulder pads

  • Tapering trousers

  • Puff sleeves

  • Epaulettes and halternecks

Dresses that will show of your image

  • Fitted bodices

  • Flared skirts

  • Trendy one straps

  • Tunic dresses

Things to avoid

  • Off the shoulder dresses

  • Frill sleeves and puff sleeves

  • Very fitted skirts

Jeans andTrousers to show of your figure

  • Bootcut, wide and flared jeans

  • Cargos and combats

  • Light colours

Things to avoid

  • Leggings

  • Tapering Trousers

  • High waisted

  • Shorts

Skirts to show of your shape

  • A-Line and fuller skirts

  • Skirts that fall on your waist not our hips

  • Skirts in a bold colour or pattern

Things to avoid

  • Tight tube or pencil skirts

  • Straight sarongs

  • Very floaty and insubstantial fabrics

Tops to show of your figure

  • Fashionable one shoulder tops

  • Cardigans worn open

  • V necks

Things to avoid

  • Puff sleeves and ruched shoulders

  • Chunky knits

  • Off the shoulder tops



Coats and Jackets to show of your shape

  • Coats that flare from your waist

  • Small lapels and collarless style

  • Look out single button coats

Things to avoid

  • Avoid big collars

  • Shoulder pads

  • Double breasted jackets

  • Cropped jackets




Underwear to show of your figure

  • If your busty a minimiser bra will help

  • A slimming camisole of basque

Things to avoid

  • Old unsupportive bras


Footwear to show of your figure

  • Ruched/slouch knee boots

  • Solid heel

  • Stiletto

Things to avoid

  • Platforms

  • Nude shoes

Accessories to show your figure

  • Chunky bangles and rings

  • Choose long strap handbags

Things to avoid

  • Chunky necklaces

  • Bulky bags

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